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Termite Reticulation

Termite Reticulation System

Termite reticulation system refills will have to be done every 3 to 8 years. And this time frame will depend on the active chemical used in the system. The environment around a house is another factor that determines the time between refills. A termite reticulation system is a series of pipes around a structure. Once the system is installed it is filled with an appropriate Termiticide. The Termiticide that can be used will depend on the type of reticulation system that is installed. As your local pest control professionals in the Philippines, we will give advice on the best termite barrier for your property. There are many different types of termite barriers that can be installed to protect a home. They all are good if installed correctly and regularly monitored. Remember there is no silver bullet where termites are concerned. All termite barriers can be breached, regardless of what your termite company tells you. The termite reticulation system has been around for many years. A reticulation system is just one of many ways to help stop termites from causing damage. They can be installed for new homes and existing homes.

Choosing the right termite barrier system for your home is important. Your termite expert should give all options available. And explained the benefits of each.

The physical structure of the hose is one that is a flexible host for medium to high pressure applications and can actually withstand pressures of up to 600psi. The hose has a specially designed chemical resistant inner core with a smooth outer cover. Fibre matting between these layers ensures a super strong, flexible hose ideal for Australian conditions and one that is in fact guaranteed for 50 years!

TermX is the brand we choose for our termite reticulation because we are 100% confident with this product both in terms of its physical longevity and its thorough dispersal of the termiticide into the soil via strategically placed holes along the pipe.

So what are the benefits of installing a termite reticulation system?
•Disperses thoroughly a long lasting termiticide such as Biflex, Termidor or Altriset
•Ideal for use with either pre or post construction homes
•The system will target termites specifically at their point of entry
•Long lasting with a 50 year warranty on the hardware and 5 -10 year warranty on the termiticide used
•Very easy to replenish

Pre-Construction – when we install a termite reticulation system in a new home construction site, we will lay the pipes across the entire area prior to the pouring of the foundation slab. Typically vulnerable points of entry in a home are plumbing areas, downpipes etc and here we take extra care and surround that area as shown below:

Reticulation System Sample set-up

All hoses are then terminated at specially marked junction boxes at convenient locations for the introduction of the liquid termiticide. This is done after the concrete slab is poured and it’s important to note that the Reticulated piping is designed for residing under slab. The extremely robust design and manufacture ensures it will remain functional for many years to come. 

Post-Construction – for existing homes Reticulation system provides an excellent protective system with minimal disruption to soil and negates the need to drill through feature pavers, liquid limestone etc.  The Reticulation system is buried around the total perimeter of a dwelling and the unique “wrap around” nature of the piping means that vulnerable points such as downpipes can receive concentrated applications of the termiticide. Once installed, an impenetrable barrier is created for termites and future inspections and replenishment of the system is easy.

With the use of  reticulation it’s worth noting that this system is ideal when you may be, for example, adding an extension to your home. It is a simple matter for our technicians to design and implement a plan that will adequately protect this new structure from termite invasion.

Note that with any termite reticulation system, it’s essential to have an annual inspection done by Pest Assassins Pest Control as this will ensure continuation of all warranties.

Re-Pumping existing reticulation systems – a popular feature of our service at Pest Assassins Pest Control is the ability to re-pump existing termite reticulation systems.